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About me

My Experience

My name is Corinne Lacaze and I'm originally from Brittany in France. Having trained as a hair colourist in France, I moved to the UK more than 20 years ago to learn English. I wanted to understand the key techniques and styles used in England and to become a Master Hair Colour Expert, which I successfully achieved with Schwartzkopf. 

I have gained over 30 years of experience in a salon environment, in which I met many clients suffering with scalp problems and hair loss. I realised that in order to help those clients, I needed to develop a deeper understanding of the causes of these problems. This drove me to study Trichology - the science of hair loss and scalp disorders. 

My focus

My focus is to help my clients understand the causes of their hair loss or scalp problems, with the goal to help my clients manage the stress, anxiety and upset these conditions may bring to their daily life.

My training has given me understanding of how these conditions may be improved or managed.

I achieved my qualification with Trichocare Education in England and qualified level 4 ITECH certificate in Trichology. I am also a member of ITC (International Trichology Congress) who teach a program of continuous professional development in all areas of hair and scalp disorders..

My Approach
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